Master Classes

Master Classes are knowledge packed workshops on identified themes linked to Natural Capital Roadmap.

Target audience of Master Class are multiple companies and the workshop tries to analyze and explain a problem relevant for a group of companies / industry. Member companies get a chance to co create the workshop and work towards a solution which needs contribution of multiple stakeholders. Master Class is an interactive program and tries to pull in different relevant corporate and non corporate actors to build up on multiple experiences and expertise. If you see a problem related to biodiversity / ecosystems / natural capital that needs cross sectional analysis and discussion during Master Class, feel free to share your idea.Participant companies also get chance to interact with ‘friends of Leaders for Nature network, who are credible conservation organisation working pan India and with whom companies may think of starting CSR projects.

In-company session

The Leaders for Nature in-company session is an essential guide to understand the relationship between business and natural capital.

It offers your company an introduction into what natural capital is and how it can help you to future-proof your business, by following the six step Natural Capital Roadmap. It is additionally little more personalized and specialized, in comparison to Master Class, and tries to cover a key topic that company hints is very much relevant for it. Additionally it can be organized in site locations and a group of 30 to 50 employees of same company, can attend it. The company is however expected to take care of travel and stay expenses of resource persons, if training is to be conducted at out of Delhi/NCR locations. The interactive session is designed to get employees from different functions and business units thinking and acting on natural capital management by giving them the knowledge they need.These training programs are:

  • Content loaded but interactive
  • For CSR and Sustainability Professionals throughout the company
  • Discussed examples and cases from ground
  • Taught by experts from IUCN Network
  • Free for Leaders for Nature member
Interested to attend / organize --- Write to us.

Hungry for more?

In continuation of this introductory session, IUCN offers a full training trajectory on natural capital management that consists of four modules. Please contact us for more info.

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