On Thursday July 20th 2017, Tata Steel (Raw Material Strategy Group) and IUCN Leaders for Nature organized an In-Company Session at Tata Steel Jamshedpur facility. The event aimed at highlighting the Importance of Biodiversity and the loss we are witnessing due to the anthropogenic activities.
Tata Steel is a member of IUCN Leaders for Nature (LfN) network and has been consistently working with LfN team to organize different training programs for the understanding and awareness of its employees from multiple divisions and fulfilment of its commitment towards conservation, enhancement and restoration of biodiversity.
The program emphasised on need to act immediately, which was depicted in the presentations by various speakers; In opening presentation Ms Madhulika, Chief, Corporate Sustainability explained the importance of Sustainability and its approach at Tata Steel, Mr Vipul Sharma, IUCN India explained about importance of biodiversity conservation in business growth and Dr. Randal Glaholt shared case of indirect impact on biodiversity and role of people. Dr. Hishmi Jamil Husain, Head, Env and Forests facilitated the discussion among the participants. The workshop ended with vote of thanks from Mr Somesh Biswas, Chief, Raw Material Strategy Group.
The program was attended by officials from Corporate Sustainability, Corporate Environment, Natural Resource Division, R&D and Raw Material Strategy Group of TATA Steel etc.

Glimses of the event :


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