• Conservation Dialogue at Yamuna Biodiversity Park on World Wetlands Day, 2nd February 2018

    Wetlands are one of the very important natural infrastructures around us, we are losing fast. They are the biggest store house of carbon, offer flood mitigation, support ground water quality, filter and purify water, perform nutrient cycling, help stabilize climatic conditions and offer habitats for various floral and faunal species.  All together they provide ecosystem services worth USD $20 trillion a year. Peatlands, […]

  • National Conclave on Mangrove Conservation on December 12th 2017, Kochi

    Apollo Tyres Limited in partnership with International Union for Conservation of Nature and Wildlife Trust of India successfully organized a National conclave on Mangrove Conservation on December 12th 2017 in Kochi. The conclave served as a platform for representatives from businesses, academia and policy makers to share dialogues on the significance of biodiversity conservation and channelizing […]

  • Master Class Workshop on Ecosystem Management, Nature Based Solutions and SDGs: Perspectives from South Asia

    The year 2015 presented a historic and unprecedented opportunity to bring the countries and citizens of the world together to embark on new paths to improve people’s lives everywhere and the state of our ecosystems. The decisions taken by the UN to adopt the universal sustainable development goals (SDG) in that year is shaping the […]