In February 2017, the CSR team of Veolia India conducted a biodiversity assessment around five sites in Nagpur i.e. Pench I, II, III, IV and Kanhan.
Assessing the status and trends of biodiversity is essential for sustainable development strategies at all levels from village to nation to region. It is crucial for the wellbeing of people and earth. It is the duty of humans to stop biodiversity erosion.

Scope: The main objective of this assessment was to implement and carry out a diagnosis and deploy an action plan in 100% of sites with significant biodiversity issues.

Approach: For this assessment Veolia collaborated with Surya Envirotech, a consultancy firm engaging in multidisciplinary environmental and industrial safety work. They had adopted Rapid Biodiversity Assessment, a means of quickly collecting information on the species present in a given area.

Observations: Some of the baseline faunal observations of the assessment in our sites were as follow:
i. Animals like cows, buffalos, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, monkey found within the periphery of 2000 Mtrs. project site
ii. A few birds’ species like House Crow, house sparrow, common kingfisher, Indian Cuckoo, Asian Koel, plain Prinia and endangered species like Vultures along with other common butterflies
iii. Snakes like cobra, wild lizards etc. found in the site

Recommendations: Apart from the above, it was also observed that apart from the Pench IV site, all other sites were nested by birds and honeybee hives. Hence it was recommended to install artificial nest for birds which will more birds to the surrounding area and help in maintaining the biodiversity of the area.

Actions: Taking forward this recommendation, the Pench IV site team has successfully installed 10 artificial birds nest in the site. These bird nests are created as per the specifications suggested by the research firm and have been created in-house by the employees at the site.