Master Class Workshop on Cities’ Resilience and Urban Biodiversity

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India’s ever growing population, urbanisation and industrialisation make cities vulnerable both to the impacts of acute disasters and the slow, creeping effects of the changing climate. One of the greatest risks following a natural disaster or conflict in cities is potential social and environmental chaos. These so-called “failed” cities are viewed as socio-ecological systems that have collapsed into a degraded, often undesirable state.
The significant challenges of restoring these disaster or conflict damaged ecosystems, are directly linked to urban ecosystem resilience/ city resilience. These sudden changes not only affect the environmental quality of the city but also damage the socio-economic stability. Therefore, understanding the mechanisms that can link the urban landscape to human and ecological processes is important, to develop strategies and policies and to build both orders of resilience before and after disaster strikes.
Leaders for Nature India, is organising a master class workshop on ‘Cities’ Resilience and Urban Biodiversity’ for corporates to understand the importance of integrating resilience strategies into their business and to discuss the approaches that can be taken to make the systems withstand, respond to, and adapt more readily to shocks and stresses as well as to emerge stronger during and after natural disasters.

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