Webinar on Natural Capital Protocol and Sector Guides

As different companies demanding for more information on Natural Capital Protocol development, LfN is happy to share that IUCN India, in collaboration with IUCN Switzerland , is organizing webinars on Natural Capital, bringing the progress and process involved.

Natural Capital Coalition (erstwhile TEEB for Business) had identified IUCN and WBCSD at global level, to lead the consortia on Natural Capital Protocol development and to road test it. In this regard sector guides for ‘Food and Beverages’ and that for ‘Apparel Sector’ has been developed and that for other sectors are being planned. IUCN India in association of its partners and in guidance of Global Team, is planning to develop sector guide for ‘Forestry Sector’. If you have questions –What all comes under Natural Capital Protocol and development of sector guides? Or want to share what you are doing in specific, we welcome you to join the webinar .

To get information on registration, general enquiries and specific topics to be covered, contact Aditya Petwal (email: aditya.petwal@iucn.org, info@leadersfornature.in )

To Register, Click https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZbH_qbZt91hFjQUQ7ChVrXHqoY9hVJ_RhRw2QGCL7FM/edit